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Black Seed Oil

46 reviews

Black Seed Oil

46 reviews
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Black Seed Oil




Organic Black Seed Cumin Oil

It’s kind of ridiculous how many health benefits black seed cumin oil has, but bear with us. To begin with, it’s loaded with unique antioxidant compounds that boost immunity and put problematic bacteria in their place. For people with a compromised liver from alcohol and other toxins, black seed oil can clean up shop. At the same time, this all-star oil has benefits for the skin, hair and teeth. Wow, what a show off!

The many faceted uses of Black Seed Oil

  • 1. Comfort Respiratory Passages

    Add 1 tsp. oil to a pot of very warm water
    and breathe in the vapors.

  • 2. Improve Air Quality

    Add a few drops to your diffuser.

  • 3. Calm Nerves

    Place a few drops in a clean cloth, then
    breathe in oil’s aroma throughout the day.

  • 4. Soothe Dry Skin

    Dilute 10 drops of oil into 8oz water. Soak a
    cotton pad in the mixture, then apply to desired
    areas for several minutes as a compress.

  • 5. Moisturize Hair

    Mix 1 tsp. oil with 2 tsp. coconut oil. Work
    mixture through hair from scalp to ends. Leave
    on hair for 30 minutes, then shampoo well.

  • 6. For Smoothies or Vegetable Juices

    Mix or Blend 1 tsp. Black Seed Oil into:
    Equal parts lemon juice and honey, orange
    or cranberry juice, kefir or yogurt, green tea,
    plus honey to taste.

Black Seed Oil is perfect if you’re looking to help...

  • Boost immune support
  • Increase joint comfort and mobility
  • Improve digestion and weight loss
  • Support heart health and vitality

Black Seed Oil is perfect if you’re looking to help...

  • Boost immune support
  • Increase joint comfort and mobility
  • Improve digestion and weight loss
  • Support heart health and vitality



Day-to-Day Usage

Store your bottle at room temperature. Use in recipes, take a teaspoon dose daily and/or use topically as desired.

Maximize Experience

Try adding a small amount of oil to a pot of warm water to experience respiratory benefits or use on a cloth and apply to areas where you could use some softer skin.

Pairs Well With

Another product to benefit overall health and wellness is our Turmeric Curcumin. When taken together, these products will naturally make you feel at your best.
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    28 May 2020
    Julie V.
    I recommend this product
    Seeing improvement in one month

    I have tried other brands and found this one was far better. The taste is very nice. Its tastes natural. The color also seems more true to a pure product. I have noticed a difference in my hair growth and it's thickening up after only using one bottle. My fingernails are so much stronger and growing well compared to years pasted. I will be buying this again. I am very happy with the overall benefits of this Blackseed oil.

    21 May 2020
    Natalie B.
    I recommend this product
    Black Seed Oil is a must have!!

    This is the best & most efficient Black Seed Oil on the market. Metabolism libido and ************ levels have increased. The caveat would be the plastic bottle.

    06 May 2020
    Alyssa T.
    I recommend this product
    Good quality organic oil!

    I am really enjoying this as a substitute in salad dressings. I can see a difference and improvement in hair and digestion. My hair is shinier and I don’t feel so much digestive discomfort after meals. I like the oil because the whole black seeds which I used to cook with are a bit hard in my stomach. And it’s organic!

    01 Sep 2019
    Saundra H.

    I have been using Black Seed Oil for some time now, and this brand is the smoothest I have ever taken. No, you're not going to find any that actually tastes good, but this one is the best so far, and the benefits definitely outweigh the flavor (lol). All of the others I have used have had a very harsh taste; not this one. Google or youtube search the oil to learn of it's myriad benefits. This company has an absolute winner!!

    03 Jan 2021
    Lori M.
    Nutra Champs Black Seed Oil helps reduce **** and aids in overall health!

    I discovered Black Seed Oil from a concerned friend. I live with profuse **** each and every day for over twenty plus years in which was a direct result of an injury. I began testing the Black Seed oil the various brands and looked for the differences. I found the Nutra Champs brand Black Seed oil was the best choice for the following reasons: • Thickness of the oil • Taste (the taste of all brands us unpleasant but this brand was the least unpleasant of all brands). • Nutra Champs is Extra Virgin 100% Pure unrefined. Regarding **** - I noticed that it has helped ease the **** on a regular basis. It hasn't eliminated the constant **** but has helped reduce the magnitude. I strongly recommend Nutra Champs Black Seed Oil. Be sure it is the extra virgin brand.

    02 Jan 2021
    United States United States
    Great product

    This far surpasses the quality of other products like it...I was however able to find a comparible quality in another brand fir a much better price and fot double the quantity.

    01 Jan 2021
    Amee G.

    My hair stopped breaking and my scalp doesn't itchy any more

    08 Dec 2020
    Shelly K.
    Good product

    I like it!

    20 Nov 2020
    Annmarie P.

    The flavor takes some getting used to but the benefits are all there! It has aided my weight loss and overall feeling of wellness. This is my first time using this type of oil and it has changed my life. I sleep so much better and wake up feeling fresh and energized each day. I will absolutely repurchase!

    13 Oct 2020
    Christy G.
    Just ordered my second bottle

    I just ordered my second bottle. I mix it with a tablespoon of Naked Juice to help with the taste. I’ve only tried it for 3 weeks but I’ve noticed a few health improvements. No headache in 3 weeks and my skin is starting to clear up. I hope to see more improvements with the next bottle.

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