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Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re proud to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on each one of our products! We're so confident that you'll love the benefits of our supplements, that we will refund every penny of your purchase if you aren’t completely satisfied. We're not kidding, it's just about the best guarantee you can get. Order with confidence - we've got you covered.

Elderberry Gummies

  • Supports Immune System
  • Great Taste & Great Benefits
  • Effective & Easy
  • Vegetarian & Plant-Based Gummies

Protect Against Cold, Flu & Allergy Symptoms - Potent elderberry in the form of a delicious gummy. Clinically studied for its ability to deliver fast, homeopathic relief and protection against cold and allergy symptoms, elderberry has quickly become one of the most popular sources of antioxidants available - perfect for year-round protection.

Delicious & Convenient - With a tasty natural berry flavor, these gummies are perfect for children, women, and men. Whether you’re shopping for the kids or family, these offer 200mg - more elderberry in each gummy than virtually anything you’ll find on the market. Did we mention how practical, easy and effective they are? Great benefits with an even better great taste!

4-in-1 Elderberry Gummies - These tasty gummies include 3 additional key antioxidants - Vitamin C, Propolis, and Echinacea are clinically proven to help keep colds and sniffles at bay. But that’s not all - loaded with up to 4X more elderberry than others, NutraChamps 4-in-1 Elderberry Gummies are not only delicious, but are WAY more nutritious than virtually every gummy on the market. You won’t find a more effective gummy for immune support and defense.

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